Alien Cookies

Alien Cookies is an indica hybrid strain created by crossing two popular strains: Alien Dawg and Girl Scout Cookies. The Alien Cookies starts with a joyful boost that puts you at ease, then catapults you into a tremendous couch-lock and hunger state that makes you wonder if you should sleep or devour everything in your house. Many users describe falling asleep while the high rises, especially if they are new to the drug or have just taken a few hits. Alien Cookies are ideal for treating diseases including chronic pain and appetite loss due to these effects. As the nugs are smoked, the bud has an unexpected sweet vanilla flavour highlighted by pungent earth, as well as a powerful pungent kush scent with a hint of sweet vanilla. Alien Cookies has a thick frosty coating of amber coloured tiny crystal trichomes and lumpy leaves small bright neon green nugs with rich amber hairs.