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Apple Kush


Apple Kush is an indica hybrid, created through a cross of the delicious Sour Diesel x Pure Kush. The strain is famous for its apple flavour, which resembles the taste of the popular Granny Smith variant. Don’t light up with Apple Kush expecting Red Delicious.

You’ll feel the relaxing effects of Apple Kush immediately after smoking when they fill you with warm, happy feelings and thoughts. After that, euphoria will slowly build inside your chest and head, which lifts your spirits and fills you with ever more happiness. A tingling feeling follows you throughout the buildup of the high, which slowly fades into a buzzing body high with a hint of sedation. Ultimately, though, the sedative effect won’t be strong enough to drastically affect your energy levels. Instead, this body high will ease your aches and pains, allowing you to live pain-free, without the likes of cramps or spasms troubling you.

Apple Kush is famous for its addictive apple flavour, which most say tastes almost exactly like eating a freshly-picked Granny Smith apple. The smell flips the taste on its head, infusing it with kush, diesel, and sour herbs. As each long, tapered bud is broken from the stem, a powerful odour of diesel and kush gets released.

Thanks to these potent effects, Apple Kush is often chosen for the treatment of conditions such as depression, anxiety, inflammation, and chronic fatigue.