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Astro Pink


Astro Pink is a very powerful offshoot of the well-known Pink Kush strain, both of which are strong indica cannabis strains. Astro Pink inherits the genetics of some of the world’s most famous and strong cannabis strains, as Pink Kush is reported to be descended from the renowned OG Kush. A few hits of this substance will provide remarkable body highs as well as relief from the most severe chronic ailments.

Astro Pink has a flavour and scent similar to conventional Pink Kush, with undertones of pine, damp wood, and flowers. Astro Pink has the same pink hairs as its parent strain and even has buds that are the same colour and form.

When smoking Astro Pink, users describe a great sensation of relaxation, cheerfulness, and even waves of ecstasy. Inexperienced users should be advised that a strong dose of this strain might have long-lasting effects. Even the most seasoned smokers will find themselves confined to the sofa after consuming this strain for an extended period of time! Users should prepare for intense appetites and stock their pantries appropriately.