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Blood Orange

Blood Orange is a pure indica strain, apparently a phenotype of the extremely famous Tangie Sunrise. The Blood Orange high will be certain to fill you with a body buzz, the likes of which will leave you feeling euphoric but still very calm and relaxed. You’ll feel a minor boost to your energy levels that builds over time, as well as a powerful hunger that leads to a ravenous case of the munchies.

Blood Orange flower has grape-shaped buds with orange hairs, and a dusting of milky white trichrome crystals. Blood Orange captures all the sweet and zesty citrus flavours from its Tangie parentage, then infuses them with a colossal hit of spice to synthesize the most delicious bud you’ve ever tasted. Blood Orange’s aroma is similarly flavourful, but much more potent, with hints of spicy citrus and a note of zesty earth. The sour citrus flavour of Blood Orange is an awesome complement to the uplifting cerebral effects that follow.

In tandem with its potent effects, Blood Orange is said to be the perfect choice for treatment of conditions such as appetite loss, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, and depression.