Blue Coma

Blue Coma is a sativa hybrid cannabis strain. The lime green, tree-shaped buds with orange hairs. The bloom smells strongly of lemon and pine, with cheesy overtones layered underneath. In terms of flavour, Blue Coma is clean and crisp, with notes of spice. The flavour is more than enough of an incentive to return to this potent strain.

Blue Coma provides a high unlike any other on the market. It gives you a cerebral high that instantly improves your mood. After that, you’ll feel ecstatic and cheerful, which is ideal for anyone having a bad day. Blue Coma’s high may easily last two to five hours, making it one of the longest-lasting sativa hybrids available. You’ll feel invigorated and concentrated, while plunging deeper and deeper into complete fulfilment.

Blue Coma is utilised in the treatment of a variety of medical problems, including stress, anxiety, and even symptoms of persistent depression, due to its effects.