Bonnie & Clyde CBD Gummies

Bonnie and Clyde CBD Mystery Gummies come in multiple flavours: Lime, Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Orange, and Grape.

If you love their THC Gummies, you’ll love their CBD gummies, too. CBD stands for Cannabidiol, the naturally-occurring cannabinoid most commonly found in cannabis. Cannabidiol is ‘a cannabinoid devoid of psychoactive effect,’ because it has no THC.

CBD is good for anyone who suffer from inflammation-related conditions, like arthritis or eczema, or even mild cases of seizure disorders. CBD doesn’t have any psychoactive effects, but most other cannabis flower does, because those effects from THC and other cannabinoids in the bud. CBD can help people seeking relief without the crazier effects of getting high.

Lots of people take CBD in the morning to help with chronic joint pain or stiffness over the course of a long day at work. CBD usually has a less intense, long-lasting effect compared to THC, so even lower doses can last an entire day. It’s better when used to treat chronic disorders than it is ones with acute effects.

CBD is big on the legal market, and many companies are looking to innovate specifically within the world of CBD. You can even get CBD oils and drops for your pets, if you want. People are weird that way.

Support your mental and physical health by giving your body a boost of CBD with Bonnie and Clyde’s newest gummies.