Bruce Banner


This homage to the comic book classic has the ability to turn even the Incredible Hulk become a good man. It’s highly relaxing, thanks to the sativa-dominant genes that produce a high amount of THCs. As a result, this is a kind of a holy grail for patients searching for the ultimate high. However, since the CBD content is so low, this is not a helpful remedy for diseases that are sensitive to that chemical. The head high is genuinely euphoric, with exceptional creativity and a mood rise throughout the body. Because of its high energy levels, this strain is suitable for usage throughout the day. Bruce Banner is an effective pain reliever, but it may also be used to treat anxiety, depression, nausea, and sleeplessness. Dry mouth and bloodshot eyes are common side effects, as are paranoia and dizziness on occasion. The predominant flavour is sweet, with citrus overtones and a strong, pungent scent. A rich layer of resinous glands gives the bud a heavily frosted appearance. This strain is likely to grow in popularity because of its high THC concentration.