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Bubble Gum


Bubblegum was created in Indiana in the 1970s. Indiana Bubblegum was crossed with an unknown Indica cannabis strain to create the Bubblegum Indica dominant hybrid strain. After that, the strain was transferred to Amsterdam to be cloned and hybridized. It took years to develop a stable bubblegum strain with the characteristic sweet odour and euphoric high. The strain’s name comes from the fact that it smells like pink bubble gum. Because of its sweetness, this medicinal marijuana strain quickly gained a reputation. Both on the inhale and exhale, it has a faint bubble gum flavour. This strain has won numerous awards and has frequently appeared in the ‘High Times Cannabis Cup.’ The plant is pale green in colour and has numerous brilliant orange hairs. The buds will appear airy, with a lot of snowy crystals. This strain will offer you the usual Indica effects that might last up to two hours. Patients suffering from stress, anxiety, and tension have reported positive outcomes when smoking this strain. Bubblegum has a mood-lifting effect as well.