THC 28%



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This is an Indica dominant hybrid created by crossing I-95 X Chemdawg X Mandarin Cookies. Crescendo, named after a musical word, gives you a rush of absolute delight and relaxation. The high comes on gently, filling your mind and body with a tingle elevated feeling that leaves you feeling as light as air. This sensation causes exhilaration, making you euphoric and giggly. This elevated experience is accompanied by a calming body high that keeps your body grounded while your mind soars. Crescendo is commonly used to treat chronic pain, depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, and mood changes. A thick frosty layer of tiny white crystal trichomes covers Crescendo buds. Sweet woods and chemicals, with a hint of berry, are unleashed when you break apart each glittering small nugget. Pleasant juicy cherries and sweet woods dance on the tongue.