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Dab Lab Shatter – Wedding Cake

NOTE: Always keep your shatter in a cool and dark environment, because exposure to the light can cause its potency to be reduced.

Dab Lab’s Shatter is some of the best on the market. They’re committed to making the most potent extracts out there, and their Wedding Cake-extracted shatter is no exception. The shatter’s golden colour is a sign of its quality, and the way it fills your mind and filters out your worries leaves you feeling just like solid gold, as well.

Wedding Cake is an indica hybrid strain, so expect a mix of effects that lean toward the physical. After a single hit of Dab Lab Shatter you’ll feel more relaxed, and after more you’ll feel your worries start to fade away. The taste is sweet, with fruity notes that many say taste like a fresh cherry pie.

As with other indica-dominant strains, you’ll probably want to wait until you’re home from work before you try this stuff. It’s potent, and it might not put you straight to sleep but it’ll leave you loopy for a while after dabbing.

Remember: Shatter tends to hit a little harder than smoking pure cannabis flower, so new users should be careful with this product. No one wants to spend the evening hacking up a lung because you went too hard on the very first pull.