Death Bubba

As the name suggests, Death Bubba is mostly an indica-dominant cross. If you’re looking for something that’s going to put you to sleep, this is the strain for you. An elevated and motivated state follows shortly after smoking, as well as an increased proclivity to experience psychedelic effects. It is possible to grow aloof in social circumstances as the high progresses because of the intense contemplation and spaciness you will experience. For hours on end after the high, Death Bubba has you slumbering peacefully in a deep and uninterrupted sleep, giving the illusion of being unwakeable. Upon exhalation, Death Bubba emits a musky earthy pine scent and flavour with a dash of spicy lemon pine. Medium-sized dark forest green nugs with deep purple overtones and a sprinkling of fiery orange hairs adorn this flower. Dark olive green leaves with a dense covering of frosty sandy white trichomes coat every nug.