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FLO Disposable Vape (Indica)

Flo Extracts is constantly innovating for the future of the cannabis industry, and for a better concentrate experience. The company’s promise to their users is that they will never stop improving.

The FLO vaporizer doesn’t accept vape refill cartridges from other companies, because it has no female 510 thread. FLO’s Vape-pod system is proprietary to their own devices, because each pod uses advanced vapor technology to vastly improve on the performance of the classic 510 pen. If you’ve got a 510 pen, the pod won’t work

Unlike the 510 Thread, FLO’s pods belong to a new class of advanced cannabis vaporizers. The pod and battery combine to make a simple 2-part system. Instead of using threaded cartridges or tanks, the FLO pod refills snap on and create a seal that helps make sure that every toke results in the most vapor possible.

This Kit contains a single Pod, which has an extract inside from one of FLO’s premium indica strains. The effects of indica are typically more physical, so plan your evening accordingly. Indica is known to cause drowsiness and lethargy, so be careful if you vape during the day. The strains of indica we have in stock at any time may vary; see the list below for the currently available Pods.