Gold Kush

Gold Kush is a pure indica strain with dense and brightly-colored buds that all have heavy coats of spindly, golden hairs and massive trichrome crystals. Gold Kush doesn’t offer a powerful buzz, but instead its effects creep up slowly.

Gold Kush provides users with a masterful, creative high that slowly reduces your tension and creates a lasting calm. The effects of the strain last for at least two hours, and can provide you with a lingering sense of relaxation. Gold Kush can make you feel happy, euphoric, uplifted, and energetic; all while tasting delicious.

Overall, Gold Kush has a very mild aroma and flavour. The scent of Gold Kush is like a blend of sweet and spicy tropical fruit with some strong sour flavours in the mix. The taste is much the same, so there won’t be a big surprise when you first taste the smoke. You’ll be able to taste the faint traces of lemon, sweet candy, and spices while smoking Gold Kush. The taste is neither strong nor overpowering, but still one to remember.

Gold Kush is best when used in the treatment of chronic stress and anxiety. Patients who suffer from depression also use Gold Kush to treat their symptoms. In addition, this strain can be used to relieve different kinds of pain, insomnia, and lack of appetite.

The most prominent side effects of Gold Kush are dry mouth and dry eyes.