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Island Kush

Island Kush is an indica hybrid strain, created through a cross of the very famous Hawaiian x OG Kush strains. This bud is born and bred in the Hawaiian islands, so it brings a classic island flavour with its powerful indica traits. Island Pink is often said to be the perfect choice for kicking back on a lazy day.

The high from Island Kush has a relaxing effect that fills your mind with creativity at first, which serves to lull your body into a state of utter relaxation. You’ll feel a slight increase to both your focus and your sense of motivation, which will lend themselves well to artistic or other creative pursuits. You won’t be able to focus on any single pursuit for too long, though, so you have to make that motivation count! Your body will drift back and forth in a cheerful, yet slightly sedated state that won’t leave you too sleepy. Instead, you’ll find your body free of pain and at ease throughout the duration.

The buds of Island Kush are small and neon green, not to mention they’re completely covered with fiery orange hairs, rich amber undertones, and a layer of bright amber trichromes. Island Kush has a tropical pineapple flavour and a touch of herbs with every fruity exhale. The aroma can be earthy, but it comes with a tropical overtone that makes it taste more like tangy citrus with a dash of pepper. It tastes exactly like a fruity cocktail overall, but not as sweet!

Due to its tropically-enhanced effects, Island Kush is perfect for use in the treatment of depression, chronic fatigue, mood swings, chronic stress, or anxiety.