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Khalifa Kush

Khalifa Kush, also known as ‘Wiz Khalifa OG’, is a powerful indica strain of cannabis. The strain is a descendent of the legendary OG Kush, but whatever other strains contributed genetics still remain unknown. The legend tells that Wiz himself bred the strain at a dispensary in San Jose, CA, but otherwise not much is known about it.

Khalifa Kush was bred for its stimulating effects. Growers wanted the strain to have uplifting cerebral effects that would be mixed with a relaxing body high. The strain’s physical effects notably lack sedation, which appeals to less serious users. Due to its high potency, however, lightweights and should still use caution when smoking it. Many medicinal patients prefer the strain because of its smooth smoke, which irritates the throat less than a lot of other strains.

The buds of Khalifa Kush have small- to medium-sized, leaf-shaped buds with a thick layer of fiery orange hairs and visible droplets of resin throughout. The flower has the classic ‘OG’ aroma of sour lemon and pine, paired with a taste of sweet and sour lemon and an aftertaste of pine and earth.

Khalifa Kush is said to be the perfect wake-and-bake strain, as it hits you hard with an intense rush of emotions that leaves you feeling energetic and uplifted. Right away, Khalifa Kush eliminates your feelings of fatigue, irritation, and pain. The rush is accompanied by a relaxing, mellow body buzz that leaves you completely relaxed in both body and mind. Despite the relaxation, you won’t ever feel truly sedated, allowing you to enjoy the full suite of effects.

Due mostly to its potency, Khalifa Kush is perfect for treating conditions such as chronic fatigue, chronic stress, anxiety, mild to moderate cases of depression, and muscle spasms.