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King Kush

King Kush is a pure indica strain of cannabis, created through a cross of the notorious OG Kush x Grape. Known mostly for its incomparably heavy high, King Kush is perfect for experienced consumers who need more than a little extra potency behind their toke to really feel something.

The King Kush high begins with elevated mood that subtly lifts you up, erasing any negative or racing thoughts and then replacing them with a haze of bliss. The feelings are accompanied by deep, relaxing physical sensations that’ll leave you totally sedated, drifting ever further into deep and peaceful sleep.

The buds of King Kush are green and grape-shaped, with orange hairs and a layer of white trichrome crystals. The flower has a spicy grape flavour, with a heavy diesel exhale that’s intense enough to leave you coughing no matter how long you’ve been smoking. Strangely, the influence of Grape makes this strain taste a lot like Purple Kush, and other ‘Purple’ variants. The strain’s aroma smells like earthy diesel and an unidentifiable sweet fruit, with heavy, pungent notes that fill whatever room you’re smoking in with a serious dank.

With its potent effects, King Kush has an edge in treating patients who suffer from conditions such as cramps, muscle spasms, insomnia, depression, chronic pain, and chronic stress.