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Monster Pink

Monster Pink is an extremely rare indica dominant hybrid strain that was created by crossing an unknown OG indica with a combination of OG Kush and SFV OG. The resulting hybrid yields a potent, hard-hitting bud that is undeniably a monster! The high strikes you hard with a blast of brilliant intellectual effects that envelop your mind in a veil of ecstasy. This hazy feeling quickly becomes stoney, and you sink off the face of the world into distant, unfocused thought. Your body will be washed over with a heavy stone as your mind flies further and further away, bringing you into a deep couch-lock that is incredibly sedative and sluggish throughout the high. Due to its powerful effects and high THC concentration, Monster Pink is said to be the best bud for treating ailments such as chronic pain, insomnia, persistent anxiety or stress, and depression. When the nugs are split up and smoked, Monster Pink has a sweet and spicy citrus earthy flavour and fragrance, as well as a heavy dank effect. Monster Pink buds are composed of rock-hard, massive neon green nugs with dazzling yellow hairs and sticky golden trichomes.