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Jet Fuel

Jet Fuel, occasionally known by the more sleek name ‘G6,’ is a sativa hybrid strain of cannabis. It’s occasionally also called ‘the cocaine of marijuana’, and there’s a very good reason for that. The Jet Fuel high will piledrive you with nigh-instantaneous effects, as a rush to your head fills your mind with activity. You’ll feel euphoric, have an elevated mood, and enjoy a strange sort of tingly, cerebral energy that’s likely to make you feel giggly and goofy. As your mind takes off, your body will succumb to a level of complete and utter relaxation that won’t cause sedation or couch-lock, but can still leave you feeling incredibly lazy.

Jet Fuel has lumpy, heart-shaped buds with fuzzy, amber hairs that are completely coated in glittering, white-amber trichomes. The strain has an extremely pungent flavour, with a diesel overtone and layers of sweet skunk beneath. Jet Fuel has genetics from the ‘Diesel’ family of cannabis, so the taste and smell are very similar to Diesel strains.

Jet Fuel will send you flying like a jet right off the carrier, but it might just leave you crashing near as fast if you’re not careful. Newer users should beware the lethargy that follows the initial rush, as it can be intense to transition from a high-energy state to a lazy one that quickly. The sudden drop in mood it causes is one of the reasons the strain earned its nickname, after all.

Jet Fuel’s powerful effects make it a perfect choice in the treatment of chronic fatigue, migraines, tension headaches, chronic stress, mood swings, and depression.