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Pink Bubba

Pink Bubba features stunning popcorn-shaped minty green nugs with brilliant orange hairs and pink overtones. A golden covering of frosty crystal trichomes creates a lovely sparkly look. Sweet floral and earthy fragrances fill the air as you tear apart each sticky tiny nugget. The taste has a mellow earth tone with spicy flowers and thick pine. Pink Bubba’s high is as great as the taste, with long-lasting and uplifting effects that are fantastic for unwinding and relaxing. After your last hit, your mind will feel elevated, softly expanding and pushing away any unpleasant or racing ideas. In a few minutes, you’ll start feeling tingling all over, lulling you into a deep relaxation that will leave you somewhat couch-locked and hopelessly drowsy for hours. With its high THC content, Pink Bubba is ideal for treating chronic pain, depression, muscular spasms, appetite loss, and chronic stress.