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Pink Champagne


Pink Champagne, popularly known as “Phantom” or “Raspberry Kush,” is an Indica hybrid strain developed by crossing the legendary Ken’s Granddaddy Purple and Cherry Pie strains. This bud has the flavour of sweet berries and grapes with a deep kush exhale, just as the name says. The perfume is sweet grapes and berries, with a fresh strawberry flavour that’s slightly peppery at times, almost like a glass of pink champagne. Its nugs have a subtle pink hue, rich purple undertones, and a coating of clear crystal trichomes that look almost pink in the proper light. Pink Champagne has a relaxing and uplifting effect, making it ideal for unwinding with friends at home or on your own couch. The high begins with a euphoric mood boost that makes you feel upbeat and relaxed. As your body sinks into couch-locked sedation, your mind will swing back and forth between activity and grogginess. Pink Champagne is considered to be ideal for treating migraines, chronic pain, sleeplessness, and depression because of these effects plus its high THC content of 27-30% on average.