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Pink Godzilla


Pink Godzilla is a pure Indica strain produced by Cana de Espana breeders. This dank strain is a phenotype of the popular God Bud strain. Pink Godzilla was named by its incredible strength and long-lasting high. Pink Godzilla’s high is described by patients as a crushing euphoria and sedation that eventually fades into clear-headed functional bliss. Couch-lock peaks fast, but it immediately transitions into an active cerebral head high. Because of the sedation-to-activation swing, Pink Godzilla is not a suitable medicine to use at night. Pink Godzilla is often used by individuals suffering with anxiety disorders, particularly social anxiety, as well as extreme stress and despair. Some individuals take it as a pain reliever, but only for mild to moderate discomfort. Pink Godzilla exhale leaves a wonderful sour berry taste with a touch of vanilla, as well as a sour berry smell with a hint of spice. This bud has thick, fluffy, lime green nugs with purple overtones and a layer of white trichome crystals.