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Planet Ape

Planet Ape is an indica hybrid strain, and is known to be a cross between the classic Gorilla Glue #4 x Space Queen. This strain shares the potency of its parents, which makes it relatively strong – but it stops short of being overpowering.

The high from Planet Ape kicks off with a building effect, that slowly fills your mind with euphoria and provides a small upgrade to your creative mind. As your mind lifts ever higher into happiness, a sensation that resembles the slow flow of glue will build inside your mind, and leave you stuck inside a state of utter bliss, without a single care in all the world. The same effect then spreads through the rest of your body, leaving you hopelessly couch-locked and immovable for hours after you smoke.

The bud has a spicy chemical flavour with a heavy diesel exhale, both of which turn slightly sweet the more you smoke of it. The aroma follows a similar profile, but has a pungent pepper aspect that serves to compliment the other smells. Planet Ape flower has small, rounded buds with thick, amber hairs and a coating of amber-tinted trichrome crystals. Overall, the flower looks like it’s dripping with sweet, sticky resin.

With such mighty effects, Planet Ape is said to be a perfect choice for treating the symptoms of ADHD, bipolar disorder, chronic pain, depression, chronic fatigue, insomnia, appetite loss, nausea, and migraines.