Purple Moon Walk

Purple Moon Walk is an indica dominant hybrid developed by combining Purple Cow and Squaredance. You’ve discovered the blossom that will send you flying across space. Intensely relaxing, Moon Walk will leave you buzzing from head to toe. The high begins with a mild euphoric boost, filling your head with a pleasant sensation of contentment and relaxation. This sensation will soon travel throughout your body, leaving you relaxed and pulsating with happiness. If you’re not cautious, the sedative might have you drifting off soon. Moon Walk’s gentle effects and high THC content make it ideal for treating chronic stress, sleeplessness, cramping, nausea, and chronic pain. Moon Walk has a deep herbal earthy scent and a sweet and spicy grape taste almost like mulled wine. Sunflower-like Moon Walk nugs contain dark olive green hues, dark orange hairs, and deep amber crystal trichomes.