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Snow White

Snow White is an indica hybrid strain, created through a cross of White Widow x Northern Lights. The high is more reserved, and begins with a typical body buzz. Soon after that, you’ll start to feel a hunger coming on that continues to build as your negative mindset is washed away by calm and pleasant waves of relaxation. As these powerful effects continue to build, your hunger will eventually become the munchies, and you’ll probably need to refuel a bit before you come back down.

The Snow White flower is plainly beautiful. The buds are seafoam green with brown and orange hairs that brighten as their harvest time approaches, and the plants display a massive quantity of trichrome crystals that resemble a fresh coat of snow. The taste and smell are simple, and have subtle notes of earth and sweeter woods worked through the flavour profile.

Snow White is often used for medicinal purposes, including the treatment of muscle spasms, severe cramps, and gastrointestinal disorders. Cancer patients often use it to help stimulate their appetite and offset nausea. It can also be used to treat severe depression and high levels of stress or anxiety.