Stella Blue is a sativa hybrid, and was created through a cross of the delicious Blueberry with an unknown strain. Many believe that the unknown parent belonged to the ‘Haze’ family, but there’s no proof of that outside of a few stoners’ educated guesses.

Much like drinking a Stella Artois, or perhaps a few more than just one, Stella Blue provides a high that might just leave you feeling a little bit drunk. The effects will make you feel a little giggly, happy, and overall might make you think that you’re more tipsy than high. The effects begin with a cerebral boost that leave you feeling blissful and extremely talkative. You’ll be focused, but your mind will slowly fall into a haze as Stella Blue gets going. You’ll fall victim to a calming body buzz, that leaves you relaxed without ruining your ability to function.

Much like its known parent, Blueberry, Stella Blue is infamous for its sweet berry taste. Unlike her parent, though, Ms. Stella also has a surprisingly sharp citrus aftertaste. The aroma of the strain is just as sweet, with an earthy bouquet and a lemony after-effect when the flower gets broken apart. Stella Blue flower has small- to medium-sized buds with dark green leaves, nearly translucent amber hairs, and a generous coating of white trichrome crystals throughout.

Due to these awesome effects, Stella Blue is a favorite for the treatment of chronic fatigue, the symptoms of depression, chronic pain, chronic stress, or anxiety.