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Stella Blue


Stella Blue is a sativa hybrid that was created by crossing the tasty Blueberry with an unknown strain. Many people believe that the unknown parent was a member of the ‘Haze’ family, but there is no proof of this other than a few stoners’ educated guesses.

Similar to drinking a Stella Artois, or perhaps a few more than one, Stella Blue provides a high with that may leave you feeling a little tipsy. The effects will make you feel a little giddy, happy, and may lead you to believe you’re more tipsy than high. The effects start with a cerebral boost that leaves you blissful and extremely talkative. You’ll be focused, but your mind will gradually blur as Stella Blue gets going. You’ll experience a calming body buzz that relaxes you without impairing your ability to function.

Stella Blue, like its well-known parent, Blueberry, is well-known for its sweet berry flavour. Ms. Stella, on the other hand, has a surprisingly sharp citrus aftertaste, unlike her mother. The strain’s aroma is similarly sweet, with an earthy bouquet and a lemony aftertaste when the flower is broken apart. Stella Blue has small to medium-sized buds with dark green leaves, nearly translucent amber hairs, and a generous coating of white trichrome crystals all over.

Stella Blue is a popular choice for the treatment of chronic fatigue, depression symptoms, chronic pain, chronic stress, and anxiety.