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The New


The New, also known as ‘New Glue’ or ‘GG-5,’ is an Indica hybrid cannabis strain created by crossing the classic Gorilla Glue with the more recent Sister Glue. Like its parent strains, this new take on your favourite Glue strains packs a gorilla-sized punch of full-bodied effects. The flower has a herbal chocolate flavour with a pine overtone that sweetens slightly on exhalation. The strain’s aroma is pungent earth and herbs with a quick jab of diesel just before the finish. The New’s buds are long and dense, with purple undertones, thick amber hairs, and a layer of matching trichrome crystals.

The high starts with an uplifted feeling that fills your mind with pure euphoria and ease, pushing away any racing or negative thoughts and replacing them with pure, unfocused bliss. A tingling body high follows, which builds inside your torso before spreading to your limbs with a slightly arousing warmth. Following that, the high will gradually fade into a state of sleepy relaxation.

With these effects, The New has a significant advantage in treating conditions such as insomnia, chronic pain, depression, chronic stress, appetite loss, or nausea.