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White Berry Haze

White Berry Haze, often known as “Blue Widow” and “Berry White,” is a somewhat sativa produced by crossing the incredibly popular “White Widow and DJ Short Blueberry” strains. This dank bud seamlessly blends the flavours and effects of both of its parents, resulting in a stunning smoke that you’ll want to enjoy over and over. The aroma is powerful, with a sweet berry perfume that transitions to a sour fruity scent when the nugs are smoked. On the exhale, you’ll get a sweet blueberry flavour with a trace of sour soil that gets stronger as you smoke.

Under its heavy layer of crystal white trichomes, this bud possesses ultra frosty tiny and airy round pebble-shaped nugs that look to be forest green. Sparse bright amber hairs and rich blue undertones show through the frosty coating on these nugs. The White Berry Haze high is inherently pleasant and uplifting, yet it can become heavy in the body if ingested in excess. You’ll feel a surge of positive mellow energy and motivation that will fuel your creativity and give you a sense of focus right away.

If you smoke enough, you’ll experience a tremendous couch-locking body buzz that will knock you unconscious. White Berry Haze is ideal for treating chronic stress or anxiety, mild to moderate depression, nausea, and migraines or tension headaches due to these effects and its average THC level of 29%.